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Command Global Services is a specialized investigations and analysis firm which provides comprehensive and discreet investigative services to government and private sector clients. 

  • Command Global Services is a specialized investigations and analysis firm which provides comprehensive and discreet investigative services to government and private sector clients. We leverage a global team of investigators and analytical experts to help clients uncover and understand critical information and achieve objectives.


    Command Global Services is comprised of a team of former federal law enforcement, security, intelligence, and financial professionals who led investigative and intelligence organizations and operations on behalf of the U.S. government both domestically and overseas. Leveraging this experience, our team members apply proven investigative methodologies and techniques in service to each of our clients.

  • Command Global Services has conducted many successful investigations for clients around the world. Through these services, we have assisted clients in obtaining and understanding crucial information in order to yield successful results. 

  • Specialized Investigations

    Command Global Services assists clients worldwide in conducting discreet investigations on sensitive financial, reputational, and legal matters. We leverage an array of specialized intelligence sources and innovative investigative techniques to identify, analyze, and comprehend critical information surrounding individuals, assets, and other topics of interest. We also perform post-incident and after-action reviews to help clients understand and assess and develop appropriate response strategies.

    Business Intelligence

    Command Global Services gives its clients a competitive edge by providing critical and timely intelligence to inform important business decisions. Utilizing an arsenal of investigative tools and a network of intelligence sources, our team of experienced analysts captures and extracts meaningful and actionable data to provide our clients with relevant insights. We specialize in compiling and analyzing information from multiple sources—while distilling only the most important and relevant information into targeted reports—to ensure that decision-makers have all the information they need, without being overburdened by superfluous data.

    Due Diligence

    Command Global Services performs comprehensive due diligence studies for private sector organizations around the world. Utilizing innovative investigative techniques and sources, we conduct in-depth analyses to uncover and assess information and risks surrounding important decisions—from mergers and acquisitions to investments and partnerships. Ultimately, we ensure our clients have the information they need to understand and mitigate risks and make informed and intelligent business decisions. 

    Asset Recovery and Repatriation

    Command Global Services provides specialized asset recovery and repatriation services to clients around the world. We have successfully assisted multiple clients in identifing, locating, and repatriating significant assets and funds. Our proven methodology goes beyond traditional economic transactions analysis and leverages an interdisciplinary approach involving diplomatic engagement, legal intervention, and financial sector outreach. 



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