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Command Federal Services (CFS) delivers elite, mission-driven solutions to United States federal government agencies. 

  • Command Federal Services (CFS) delivers elite, mission-driven solutions to United States federal government agencies. We offer a full-spectrum of expertise and services to help U.S. government organizations enhance capabilities and achieve organizational objectives. We work in close coordination with our customers—often embedded as a critical part of a team—to provide the specialized expertise they need to carry out critical operations and achieve lasting results.


    CFS operates under an array of government contracting vehicles and supports federal agencies throughout the defense, homeland security, intelligence, and civilian sectors. We specialize in delivering the unique expertise and appropriately-scaled solutions that each of our U.S. government clients requires.

  • With a collective background of government service at the highest level, our Command Federal Services partners and team members leverage their experiences to better serve our client’s unique challenges. Our experienced professionals have navigated the intricacies of government systems and established invaluable connections across the various government agencies, providing a unique position to bring a dynamic solution to each project. 

  • Strategic Advisory and Consulting Services

    CFS provides innovative solutions to help government agencies improve organizational effectiveness and capabilities. We offer an extensive network of experts with considerable knowledge and experience across the U.S. national security, homeland security, intelligence, law enforcement, emergency management, health, and defense sectors.

    Program Management

    CFS offers a deep bench of experienced project managers and program management staff to manage vital government programs. We specialize in helping government personnel achieve critical successes, while ensuring that programs remain on schedule—and on budget.

    Strategic Communications

    CFS assists government organizations in developing impactful messaging and communications strategies to advance key initiatives. Our personnel excel in identifying target stakeholders, crafting effective messages, and delivering information to the right audiences at the right time. 

    Training and Exercise Design and Implementation

    CFS assists government agencies in the design, development, and implementation of training and exercise programs spanning the safety, security, and emergency management sectors. Our team provides a full suite of services—from curriculum and scenario design to program management and performance assessments—to help government personnel ensure readiness to respond to critical threats and challenges. 

    Operations, Analytical, and Staffing Support

    CFS provides highly trained operations, analytical, and project support personnel to help government organizations tackle some of their most challenging objectives. From singular analysts to full project teams, we provide an array of staffing solutions and expertise to meet each of our government client’s unique needs.



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