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Command Executive Services provides comprehensive and discrete security and operations solutions to high-profile individuals, corporate executives, and government officials. 

  • Command Executive Services specializes in delivering a wide array of tailored security and operational support services designed specifically for high-profile individuals, esteemed corporate executives, and government officials. 

    With a steadfast commitment to discretion and efficiency, our team offers a spectrum of security capabilities encompassing executive protection, threat assessment, and risk management. We actively engage cutting-edge technology and utilize highly trained and experienced personnel to ensure the safety and confidentiality of our clients in all settings, from public appearances to private residences and international travel.  

    In addition to our security solutions, we provide operational and staff support designed to optimize efficiency and streamline logistics for our clientele. This includes logistical planning, protocol development, crisis management, and coordination with all relevant stakeholders to facilitate seamless operations.

    At Command Executive Services, our mission is to safeguard the well-being and interests of our clients, allowing them to navigate their professional and personal endeavors with peace of mind and confidence. We operate with the utmost discretion, professionalism, and dedication to excellence, ensuring that our clients receive unmatched service and support.

  • Command’s security and operations experts built unequalled careers designing and leading agencies charged with the protection of the nation’s leaders and critical facilities. Today, we leverage that experience to provide security solutions and programs to a select group of public sector organizations, corporations, nongovernmental organizations, and individuals and families. 

    Our solutions are informed by the protective and operations methodologies relied upon by the White House Staff, the United States Secret Service, Department of Homeland Security, and an array of federal law enforcement, security, and intelligence community agencies. 

    The diverse background of our experts allows our clientele to benefit from a multifaceted, risk-based approach to security and a world-class understanding of how to adapt security and operations approaches to personal, business, and political environments.

  • Logistics

    Streamlined planning and coordination of resources, schedules, and operations to optimize efficiency and effectiveness in executive-related activities, events, and travel. 

    Threat Picture / Threat Assessments

    In-depth analysis and evaluation of potential risks and security threats faced by executives, a planned event or appearance, or their organization.

    Social Media Monitoring

    Continuous surveillance and analysis of social media platforms to identify, assess, and address potential risks, security threats, or concerning activities targeting individuals or organizations.

    Security Planning

    Strategically designing and implementing security measures and contingency plans tailored to the specific needs of executives, encompassing physical security, technology, and response protocols.

    Advance Planning

    Preemptive preparation and coordination for upcoming events, travel, or activities to ensure seamless execution and risk mitigation.


    Comprehensive support services tailored to high-level executives, including logistical, administrative, and operational assistance to optimize their productivity and effectiveness.

    Health / Medical Support

    Specialized medical assistance and support services catering to the health and well-being of executives, ensuring access to prompt and reliable medical care when needed.



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