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Command at Sea International (CASI) provides full-spectrum safety and security solutions for select luxury super yachts.

  • Command at Sea International (CASI) provides full-spectrum safety and security solutions for select luxury super yachts. Leveraging an unmatched team of former United States government leaders and technicians with extensive experience in maritime security and head-of-state protection, we offer the expertise, services, and equipment required to protect the world’s most sophisticated yachts.


    In 2009, Command At Sea International (CASI) was formed by a team of executive protection, technical, and maritime security experts who had recently retired from the U.S. Secret Service, White House, and U.S. Coast Guard. Our first client was the owner of a 142-foot yacht that was just being delivered. We developed and installed significant security upgrades and controls that were so impressive that the same client hired us to provide all security systems and services for a larger new build done by one of Europe’s premier shipyards. 


    From this humble beginning, we have built our company and products into recognized leaders within the super yacht industry. CASI has become a renowned thought leader on yacht security and has been sought out by numerous publications seeking the latest information and insight on yacht security. In addition, we have done presentations for leading designers, ship yards, and service providers on best practices in the yacht security industry. Our reputation continues to grow as we deliver best-in-class yacht security advice, services, training, and equipment around the world.

  • Members of the CASI team have amassed decades of experience in maritime safety and security through decorated careers in the U.S. Coast Guard and military. Other members of our team offer extensive backgrounds in personal and executive security, having protected the President of the United States and other heads-of-state as members of the U.S. Secret Service. Leveraging this unique combination of expertise, CASI provides unsurpassed, discreet safety and security expertise, services, and equipment to select super yachts and their owners. We offer an impressive performance record of developing customized and proprietary solutions to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. 

  • Consultancy

    As an industry-recognized yacht security expert and thought leader, CASI works with naval architects, designers, project managers, and ship yards to address yacht security challenges and development. We provide an array of services, including planning and advising on vessel design, system design and integration, safe room design and construction, developing security plans that meet Flag State approval, as well as a host of other services tailored to the client’s needs and desires. We also work with IT/AV companies in system design and assist with installation recommendations. Importantly, CASI ensures that its solutions comply with the latest Flag State, classification society, and naval engineering standards.

    Company Security Officer Services

    The term “CSO” comes from International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) requirements for a shore-side individual who oversees security practices and equipment to ensure compliance with key standards.  Although not all yachts are required to comply with ISPS requirements, having a designated CSO—and ensuring that such security responsibilities are regularly carried out—is a recommended best practice. CASI works closely with the yacht captain and Ship Security Officer (SSO) to manage a yacht’s security and provide a full range of CSO services, including: 

    - Security Plan Writing and Approval

    - Crew Training

    - Oversight of Security Drills and Exercises

    - Security System Testing

    - Voyage Risk Assessments and Implementation of Enhanced Security Measures

    Technical Services

    Most yacht security companies install commercial-off-the-shelf security systems and then build a security plan around it. Often their goal is to sell equipment and then walk away, which not only can result in an inappropriate or inefficient security system, but also can lead to problems with installation and integration.

    The CASI approach is different. We first perform a risk assessment and develop plans to mitigate these identified threats. Only then do we design a system of systems to support these customized security plans. Our technical team identifies best-in-class equipment and, through a rigorous lab process, integrates various components into a comprehensive security system. Once proven in the lab, our team works with local installers and the ship yard to ensure all parts of the system are professionally installed and tested. We not only test the installed system for functionality but also conduct operational tests to ensure the system actually addresses the risks that it is designed to mitigate. Only when the system passes this rigorous testing do we offer it for delivery to the customer. 



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