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Command Executive Search is a premier executive search, recruitment, and advisory firm specializing in the identification and placement of elite safety and security practitioners for critical roles in the private sector. 

  • Command Executive Search is a premier executive search, recruitment, and advisory firm specializing in the identification and placement of elite safety and security practitioners for critical roles in the private sector. We help organizations tackle their evolving safety, security, and crisis management challenges by defining ideal candidate profiles, vetting interested parties, and hiring proven, executive-level security leaders that best support each client’s unique security and business goals.


    Command Executive Search is the specialized executive search wing of Command Group, a family of companies specializing in full spectrum solutions across the safety, security, and intelligence mission spaces.

  • Philosophy

    Unlike generalist executive search firms, Command Executive Search focuses on the specific areas in which it can guarantee superior results—safety and security. Our team is comprised of individuals who have served in high-level safety and security roles in the government’s elite security, law enforcement, life safety, intelligence, and crisis management organizations, as well as leading private sector entities. No executive search firm is better equipped to help an organization identify their personnel needs, examine their options, and successfully recruit the leaders best suited to drive lasting results.

    We Get to Know Your Mission

    Does your organization need to do a better job of protecting its executives while they travel? Are you a university looking for a safety professional to help keep your campus—and students—safe? Is your non-profit so dedicated to serving others that you haven’t fully prepared to respond to threats to your people, assets, and operations? Is your legal team concerned about your ability to sufficiently demonstrate your company’s duty of care?


    Above all, it is our job to work with you to understand your organization’s unique mission, culture, concerns, and risks; only then can we help you identify the ideal talent pool and recruit the most suitable individual for your company.

    We Leverage Our Unparalleled Network

    Our team members have served in leadership positions in many of the key safety, security, and intelligence agencies responsible for the protection of the United States and the American people. Our team members have also held corporate security roles with leading organizations of all sizes and across multiple industries. Our experts are former U.S. Secret Service, federal law enforcement, intelligence, crisis management, and Armed Forces operational leaders that understand how to apply the best practices of elite government agencies to the nuanced requirements of private sector entities. Just as importantly, our reach within the safety and security community provides us with a diverse talent pool that maximizes your organization’s chances of getting the right person, the first time.

    We Focus on Value

    In the private sector, safety and security professionals must expertly balance security needs with a number of other business and organizational priorities. We deliver value because we are able to identify and evaluate candidates with the experience and judgment to strike this balance more efficiently than firms without our unique specialized reach and expertise. Moreover, our personnel solutions are designed to have long-term impact, as our placements are made by choosing the best fit, the first time.

  • Executive Search

    Organizations need a leader with the experience, knowledge, and commitment to tackle complex safety and security challenges on a daily basis. Command Executive Search helps its clients identify, evaluate, and successfully recruit the best executive-level safety and security leaders available in the market.

    Transition / Succession Planning

    Managing the departure of your current safety and security executive is not only a personnel issue—it’s a security challenge. Command Executive Search helps clients not only make the right choice for the job, but also keep their people, property, and operations safe and secure throughout the entire transition process.

    Performance Assessment

    Companies need to know that their current safety and security leaders are delivering optimal results. Command Executive Search helps companies by conducting discreet, independent reviews of current performance levels and by helping identify opportunities for improvement.

    Safety and Security Department Design

    Command Executive Search helps organizations of all types—from corporations to universities—build custom safety and security departments from scratch, or enhance existing ones to adapt to the evolving risk profile of an organization. We work with clients to define operational and personnel needs, create implementation plans, and recruit the safety and security executives needed to ensure long-term success.



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